My Sordid Life

I was born into this body with so many perceived ‘disadvantages’; being gay, being lefthanded, being Jewish, being so different from the ‘mainstream.’  Throughout my life I’ve carried these traits of never quite fitting in and always going against the grain.  I suppose that is what ultimately led me to working in the adult industry, living 10 years of my life in Thailand and exploring all of Asia, and finally getting married in San Francisco to a wonderful Thai man.

The only thing that has been really missing in my life is to keep a journal of it.  The first 38 years have been so interesting and amazing, I can only hope the next 38 (if I live that long) will be just as fulfilling.  I am creating this website with the loose idea of using it as a soapbox full of news, musings from my life, and filled with some of the things I like (such as Asian food, Punk/indie music, Erotic Artists and of course some nice eye candy).

Danny Z

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